How to Launch an ICO? 5 Actionable Tricks Need to Know

how to lauch an ico

Are you planning to launch or running the ICO but struggling to make it work for you?

Perhaps you are facing a low public interest, not drawing enough investments, all in all a poor experience to visitors.

Actually developing a successful ICO can be one of the most complicated processes, if not executed properly.

There are hundreds of different features that need to focus on, and even more other significant metrics to worry about.

On top of this, investor queries about road-map, technology, white-paper and many such tasks can tie you up for hours.

You could potentially spend days on blockchain crowdfunding every single week and hardly make any steps forward. In short, you fail to optimize and setting up a thriving ICO. When it comes to fund collection then an ICO is a king that’s why you cannot give up on it.

Don’t worry! Rest easy!

To help you out in this blog post we are encompassing 5 indispensable tricks to launch an ICO.

Before moving further let’s have a crisp view at ICO.

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What is ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

Emerging out of conventional financial system an ICO is convenient and faster way to collect funds for running a project. In this digital crowd funding method crypto assets or tokens are released to kick start new projects.

In conventional business economy many traditional companies release there IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings) or shares on the stock exchange. Likewise in crypto industry companies release ICO’s in form of tokens or digital assets on a crypto currency exchange.

To make it more comprehensible it will not be wide of the mark to say that here “ICO” is an analogue of “Share” and “Crypto currency exchange” is the analogue of “Stock exchange”.


Let’s put in other words to get a more apparent standpoint. In this method basically an idea is presented in front of potential investors. And if everything goes on target and backers find idea worth investing, they invest capital in exchange of digital tokens.

Here’s a significant point that need to be emphasized!

An ICO blockchain runs only if target capital required for project is collected, otherwise collected capital automatically goes back to financiers.

However, once a project idea picks up demand for its tokens escalates thereby rising token value of holders. So, in this way project sponsors reap high revenues. Best is, startups often offer bonuses to pre-sale participants. In nut shell, it’s an effective new age method to source capital for startup companies.

Now, let’s talk something about its benefits!

Benefits of issuing an initial public coin offering

As an ICO website is powered by next generation decentralized blockchain technology therefore it is much cheaper, safer and faster.

Here’s the real beauty!

On traditional stock exchange listings only well established companies get opportunity to list. Contrary to this on cryptocurrency exchange even a startup having little experience can easily issue ICO’s for crowd funding. The feature that set’s it far ahead is its transparent nature and restriction free operational system.

Upshot is that breaking the professional arenas now anyone having a great idea can easily become an entrepreneur.

5 indispensable tricks to launch an ICO

Always be well prepared with concept and strategy

An ICO thrives only if it is based on a solid foundation of a great concept. The initial launchers need to be utterly defined in their approach about idea, goals, roadmap, compliance, governance, funding and policies.

To successfully navigate through the pre-ICO and after launch ICO-phase your strategy and financial policy should be clear. Crux is meticulously plan what procedure and approach will be followed to freeze, spend, buy, burn tokens and distribute dividends.

Design a comprehensive whitepaper

Whitepaper is actually the first promoter that gives prospective investors a complete view about an idea. It advocates the idea so as to catch the attention as well as effectively draw funds for crowd sale. Therefore, before going for an ICO launch a company needs to thoroughly structure its whitepaper discussing details about regulations. Casting spotlight in a step-by-step manner a whitepaper should focus to generate leads and build brand image.

Few questions that need to be addressed in a whitepaper are:

  • How much capital you are planning to collect?
  • What exactly you wish to accomplish with launch?
  • Do you really need capital for the idea?
  • How will you focus in developing a potential customer network?
  • Who are going to be your prospective customers that need your product or service?
  • How you are going to protect the investor’s interest?

Go for right technology ensuring security

Technology is actually the fuel behind the success of any ICO. And when it comes to ICO technology nothing is better than Ethereum blockchain or simply Ethereum ICO. Still if you are looking to create your own blockchain then be sure that you have right expertise.

Mind it!

Any flaw in the technology adoption can prove detrimental as hackers are always on move looking for compromised platforms. Therefore, be well prepared for the hackers to avoid any loss of collected funds.

Ensure to have a team of seasoned pros

Always remember financial market is competitive so right from the beginning it’s not going to be cakes walk. So, to last the tough market all that is required is a tough management team.

Ensure the team should have thorough expertise in blockchain ICO technology and crypto market. In fact, to enhance chances of success it’s better to go with a team having broad spectrum of pros. Like experts in computer science, cryptocurrency market, software development, financial market etc.

Adopt wide-ranging promotion channels highlighting time frames

To establish successful engagements with prospective investors all that are required is a right promotional strategy. For achieving the desired results proper analysis of promotional strategy to be followed should be done.

Bottom-line is that to aggressively push an idea support from all social media platforms is of utmost importance. Therefore, keep all promotional channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and Pininterest etc. not only open, but also active.

Moreover, social media channels assists to develop a healthy communication with investors and other people. Pre-set time frames are also significant to ensure success. Such channels can be utilized to periodically ring a bell for investors to follow token sale time limits.

In short, use social media to reach crypto community advertising your idea, tell investors your project’s USP. The more you promote the more success you will gain. Simple!

In nut shell, capital gathering through a digital crowd funding platform is different than conventional methods. It’s a dynamic digital platform, so you need to be perfectly right in your approach.

Without thorough approach, your crowdsale aren’t going to succeed.

So, you need to ensure your concept, strategy, whitepaper, technology, team, promotion all is right on the target.

Still if you are seeing desired success, don’t worry. There are some simple solutions that you can adopt to gain massive results. You can connect with experts to learn these.

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