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At Webcom, we consider in building cutting edge technology to empower financial markets ahead. On the subject of trading in stock market, the essential factor aside from the strategy is the buying and selling software that you use. And we're offering the most efficient and extensive trading software program which provides you control over the trade.

Custom Trading Platform Development
Custom Trading Platform Development

Key Features

  • First Class User Experience
  • Fast, Capable Solutions that integrate and Last
  • Reliable and Stable platform
  • Truly Customizable
  • 10+ Years Experience in Developing Trading Platforms
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast Speed & Scalability


Converting client's mission and goals into successful ventures and application of cost-effective procedures is the core aim of the company. Our effort is to deliver secure, reliable, high-quality products catering to the capital markets to help in decision making and trading. We endeavor to make trading intuitive and friendly, opening up possibilities for one and all to engage in the country's development story via investing in financial markets.


Our trading platform provides you with powerful tools to enhance your trading experience. Get the edge with our powerful charts and fast, reliable execution technology.

Quote management

Our trading platform services offer an efficient way for market makers to insert quotes.

Chart Analysis

Charting is flexible feature that you can customize as per your needs. You can see price movement to decide your next move.

Auto Pay-in

Transfer funds via payment gateway and get instant limit update via Pay-in feature inbuilt in SAS Trader.

Advanced & Flexible charts

Spot trends and perform technical analysis with indicators. Easily study price trends with charts you can customize to your needs.

Deal direct from charts

Attach stops and limits, set alerts, and place deals – without moving away from your chart.

Monitoring tools

Set stops and limits to automatically close your positions, tickets & charts to view close down platform & Set price alerts to notify hits.


Keep track on your preferred markets by grouping them together in a watch list. Deal easily on favorites without navigating through multiple windows.

Order types

Platform is pre-configured simple to advanced such as market, stop, stop-limit, trailing stop, trailing stop limit, one cancels other & one triggers other.

Account Management

Trading platform manages the P/L, buying power, margin requirement and historical performance.

P&L Strategy Analysis

P/L calculator allows chart the profit and loss potential of their trades before they invest. It also build confidence.

Multi-Leg Orders

Allows clients to easily adjust their options strategy based on experience and risk tolerance. They can add stocks ,set debit or credit price limit.

Probability Analysis

Our probability calculator updates real time as users change strategies. Once security is choose, they can set up target prices and add volatility.

Entry and exit procedures

We made some automation tactics that you can easily drag and drop onto your chart. You can add or drop them onto any position or order.

Import/Export from Excel

Charts can be imported or exported to and from excel dates, times, prices and symbol values can also be dumped into format.

Real Time Market Scanning

The built in scanning features can screen the exchange in real time to understand symbols that have substantial price changes.


Our trading platform realizes full-cycle development, It integrate, maintain and support, trading platforms migration. Trading systems are designed as independent, compact business tools.

Risk Control

The trading platform includes risk controls such as price bands, circuit breakers and trade protection limits.

Highly Secure

Trade hassle free with built in security via two factor authentication to avoid unauthorized access to your account.

Custom Trading Platform Development

Fast execution

Our systems are built to handle huge numbers of trades very quickly.


Our Developed platforms also include high-level communication tools for brokers to publish messages and interact with their traders in real time. It stops the demand for complex email threads.


We developed platforms that were managed to hold all currency crosses as well as the strength to trade another market such as commodities, futures, and equities.