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A beacon is a small wireless device broadcasting a continuous radio signal. Nearby smart devices detect the Signal via Bluetooth Smart. The signal tells your smart device “I am Here” by giving its ID number.

Geo-fencing App Development


  • The Next Revolution – Beacon Based Application
  • Valuable source of data
  • Target Messaging
  • Get In store notification
  • Shopper analytics
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Fast and Secure Payment Mode
  • Effective Marketing Tool


We have experienced team who can customize and develop beacon based applications for your business needs.

Simple Setup Tools

Our Beacon based applications are easy to use in mobile and web that will assist you to set up beacons conveniently and efficiently.

Resource Tracking

Our beacons based applications offer a scalable & long-term solution app that helps to get resources within set location on web and mobile.

Effective Navigation

From a big office to shopping malls, it is tricky to navigate. Our Beacon based apps helps to get an efficient and precise navigation.

Interactive Tour

Beacon based application will give the notification to the viewer explaining what is being watched to make the tour interactive.

Get Notifications

Customers will get notification on their mobile phones about the advertisements, offers and deals in text, image & video format.

Push-Driven Marketing

Our platform helps you to build in-store sales and grow consumer faith by sending them offer notifications to clients in & nearby your store.


Our platform automate the Check-in process to perform repetitive tasks effortlessly and make the process run smoothly.

Customer Analytics

Our platform generates customizable reports as per customers pattern and behavior such as visitor trends, engaging offers and much more.

Feedback & Rating

The feedback and ratings from the customers in premise or nearby can be taken to know customer preference, increase loyalty and build a brand.


Beacon/ proximity based application make a widespread embrace to transform the customer experience, increase brand affinity and operational efficiency to drive sales uplift.

Advertisement Tool

Beacon based apps is the best revolutionary advertisement tool that enable the merchants to connect with the target potential customers.

Fast Service & Payments

It enable you to operate and make payments quickly and efficiently by sending them notifications of payment links, offers, discounts and much more.

Cost Effective

Highly robust and user-friendly technology that save your advertisement cost and make you smart merchant by connecting you with target audience.

Mobile View

Real-Time Discounts

It allows merchants to send the most relevant deals in real-time. For example, during sales periods customers can get alerted on discounts and offers.

Internet Connectionless

Beacon based application is using Bluetooth low-powered energy to unite with the smart phones. Hence maximum no of people nearby gets the notifications.

Build Customer Base

With the help of beacon based application, the merchant can built and manage the customer activities, pattern and behavior to make the future predictions.

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