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“Robust, lean and 3600 ICO development solutions to engineer your victory”

Irrespective of business every corporate house dreams to touch new horizons. Quite apparently to succeed in this endeavor a corporate house requires funds. When it comes to fund raising a term that is attracting lots of mainstream attention is Initial Coin Offering. That’s why it is often considered as the future of fund raising.


Key features of our ICO development services

  • Quick and secure
  • Simple user friendly model
  • Blockchain integration
  • Quick coin launch
  • Whitepaper development
  • Provides fundraising opportunity
  • Storage wallet development
  • Strategic Marketing

What is an Initial Coin Offering?

Concept of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is analogous to Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the way that both are the means to collect funds. Generally start-ups or online projects adopt method of ICO to raise money for funding of their projects. However, contrary to IPO’s crypto coins or tokens are offered in ICO’s.
In an ICO launchers release their own crypto coin which they sell in exchange of renowned digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. By participating in an ICO investors get limited right in a specific project if the company.


How does an ICO works?

In traditional fund raising methods a corporate generally offers shares to gain funds. An ICO also works more or less like an IPO, but with a major exception i.e. in ICO’s investors don’t get any stake or partnership in company.Start-ups that float an ICO offer new digital coins on blockchain platform in exchange of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other altcoin. As ICO’s are backed with blockchain technology therefore are completely decentralized thereby substantially fastening and easing the process fund raising.


We develop crypto exchange platforms that transform your business and disrupt your industry.

High Performance

Our exchange solution is tested with a simulated load of 10,000 simultaneous clients per instance which can be scaled to multiple servers.

Lowest Cost of Maintenance

Our engineers created this exchange after the one year development and it is the simplest solution coming with lowest cost and maintenance charges.

Real Time Order Execution

Our Crypto Exchange offers the real time order execution. It offers a lowest latency and the highest throughput of any exchange engine available, with the ability to process millions of transactions per second .

Highly Customizable

Exchange solution is highly customizable and can be integrated with any third party software easily. This is extensible and versatile, designed to help to save your time.

Risk Manager

Exchange comes with a strong backoffice to manage your daily backend operations and client’s activity. You can manage your order book, limit orders, Exchange fees and can set up many type of rules for trading.

Deployment and Regulation

Crypto Exchange is a PHP based solution and required any Linux hosting server to run. Your users can access exchange via http or https with SSL. Please note this cannot be used to convert any crypto currency to real currency and should not be used for any betting or gambling.

Why we are best ICO Development Company in India?

Understanding all such abstruse state of affairs, team Webcom has come up with robust, lean and 3600 complete funding platform development services. Having complete spectrum of solutions we assist start-ups in launching digital coins and successful ICO website.
Best is, from white paper development to cryptocurrency creation, roadmap development, token distribution, trading, lending and staking we are a one-stop key to create initial coin offering software. We aim to develop ICO’s in step-by-step phases i.e. Pre ICO and Post ICO. Our pre ICO services comprises of logo designing, website, payment gateway, user and admin panel development.

Apart from this, our in-depth know-how about security codes as well as security threats enables us to deliver 100% safe platforms. Greatest advantage associated with our fund raising platforms is that being quick and cost effective they substantially also bring down execution cost.
Besides this, we have pooled industries best crypto market experts who are well versed with all latest technologies and changes occurring in the arena. Our ICO developers are well acquainted with industry verticals and ICO development software know-how. This enables us to offer unique one of a kind experience to every customer. No matter requirement is basic or complex; our customized solutions assure valuable experience every time.

How we assist to quickly get along with ICO development?

Having comprehensive understanding of the arena our team works diligently to create practicable ICO’s. To deliver a valuable platform we first thoroughly comprehend goal, capital and time-frame of our investors. Based on our analysis we conceptualize bespoke platform that precisely meet investors requirement.

We have established a dedicated customer support team that offers 24X7 assistance and training to investors so that they can easily understand the interface.

So, what’s holding you back? Connect with top ICO Development Company in India now!

Why Choose Us To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange platform?

Our Crypto exchange platform sets the stage for the industry standards of excellence in this new and evolving market.

Reliable and flexible

We developed completely distributed exchanges, so even if our server is overloaded, it won’t harm the network, and the exchange can resume to work without it being affected.

Customised Services

Each business has a unique need and we tend to deliver the most flexible, customised and high end crypto exchange development services for each client.

Open Source

Our code is open to inspection, audit, and review by anyone to ensure our trustworthiness.

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Attention To Security Features

Crypto exchange development requires the knowledge and use of best security features. Our team ensure security while using the best features and auditing the code multiple times.

Technically Sound Squad

Our developers are certified engineers with a strong technical background and experience in delivering the most reliable and efficient crypto exchange services.


Evaluates a pre-defined condition and provides data for compliance and reporting, when exposed to an external trigger.

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