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    A Method to Generate Funds for Your Decentralized Exchange Platform

    IDO is a way to raise funds for the development of your decentralized exchange platform. It also allows you to highlight your digital assets.

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      Introduction of a Fundraiser for Your DEX Platform

      The new era of digital currency has arrived with blockchain at its best. The distributed ledger systems have managed to create a foothold in the industry, with strong security for digital assets and maintenance of anonymity for the asset holders. Now, these features are luring investors more than ever, as they can manage and digitize their assets in very little time. Blockchain industries are not leaving any stone unturned, to deliver the best DEX platforms to entrepreneurs and businessmen.

      The ecosystem is looking towards more channels to draw in investments, to take the DEX or decentralized exchange platforms to the next level.

      What is IDO Platform or Initial DEX Offering?

      An IDO is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that opens new opportunities to raise funds in the blockchain environment. Here tokens are the medium of exchange, and they represent various asset classes in the decentralized exchange. The assets occur in various forms like cryptocurrency, videos, documents, and albums. You can make better decisions with the business tools and engage the community to invest in your platform.

      You can launch a token, also called the IDO platform, through the decentralized liquidity exchange. It is supposed to be a better crypto fundraising model, and promises more success than ICOs, STOs, and IEOs. These are an excellent choice for startups to generate funds for business.


      • The key feature about IDO is the ready availability of funds that can fire up a business that has just launched or will launch. The same funding, if applied to a bank or any other financial institution can lead to a tedious documentation process.
      • The evolution of the blockchain economy has facilitated various business development opportunities, through cryptocurrency. Moreover, many companies, especially startups are starting a business with token sales today. The company concerned here, generated crypto-tokens, and releases them into the market for the individuals to buy with their cryptocurrency assets.
      • There are various ways to offer crypto-tokens for sale in the market, out of which the most common ones are ICO, STO, IEO, and the latest one is the IDO.
      • The companies or projects that issue IDOs, receive funding from the investors, in the same way like traditional venture capitals. In IDO, the investor does not hold any sort of equity or dividends in the project.

      Comparison of IDO, IEO, STO, and ICOs

      Initial DEX Offering Initial Exchange Offering Security Token Offering Initial Coin Offering
      Decentralized exchange Centralized environment Decentralized environment Decentralized
      Representation of digital assets Direct exchange Representation of physical assets Global appeal
      Nil exchange fee Exchange fee applicable Profit-sharing No intermediaries
      Proper listing Expensive listing Buy-back rights Liquidity in premium

      LaunchPads In IDO

      LaunchPads are the best means to start IDOin the cryptocurrency market today. There are various kinds of launchpads that are available in the markets today. They are:

      BSC Pad or Binance Smart Chain

      It is a successful blockchain launchpad, with the best features that can compete against all existing launchpads. Moreover, it is less complex than the others, and can distribute the tokens and raise the initial liquidity offering. It is the first launchpad as well, that was dedicated to launching various projects in the Binance Smart Chain. Holders of the IDO token on this platform, have access to OTC prices. The transaction costs on this platform are also low.

      Polka Starter or Polkadot

      It is a launchpad that has been started by the community, and it can help with cross-chainabilities. It does not require any permission for cross-chain token pools and auctions. Thus, enabling startups to raise funds on a decentralized and inter-operatable platform. The process is cheap and fast as well.

      CardStarter or Cardano

      It is based on the Cardano network with ample abilities that surpass other such networks. It is a Proof of Stake blockchain platform, that was founded through peer reviews. It is a first-time decentralized network that works on accurate scientific and mathematical calculations.

      Solstarter or Solana

      Solstarter is the first IDO platform for Solana. It uses launchpad projects to raise liquidity in a fair manner. Moreover, it adds your project to a community-developed and maintained repository. It has immense feasibility that makes it stand out in the market, against many other competitors.


      it is an inter-operatable and easier to use launchpad, with a high market ratio. You will find this to be amongst the preferred launchpads in the market. It is one of the best multi-chains decentralized platforms,that enables projects to raise capital and also promises safe transactions to novice investors.

      These are a few of the most used launchpads in the market currently, but they are a restricted lot. Our IDO focus platform, helps to deal in afriendly manner and are built in a socially-operable space.

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      Benefits Of IDO or Initial DEX Offering

      Immediate liquidity

      is one of the primary gains from IDO, as if tokens are unable to provide liquidity, it can be cumbersome. The liquidity pool is available at every price level, without any slippage. The project initially requires a few tokens to swap the liquidity, inside the liquidity pool.

      Instant Trading

      herein investors start trading, the moment the IDO token is launched. The early investors have the benefit of selling the tokens further down the transaction levels. The prices start spiraling up the moment, the first investor buys the token.

      Lower Costs

      If the projects token uses the liquidity exchange, it will cost only a few euros of the gas fee. This will further help to cement the smart contract. The smart contracts manage the entire assets token and liquidity pool.

      Fair Fundraising Method

      The IDO helps to facilitate immediate token development, and liquidity. It does not delay the process, like other traditional fund-raising methods that are available in the market. There are several private investors who buy a large number of tokens, for a lower prices. When they go for public sale, the value of the tokens increase manifold.

      Our Tech Stack For IDO

      We can develop and launch your IDO or Initial DEX Offering in various multichain blockchain platforms. They all have their specialized benefits and technologies, offering great visibility for your DEX platform in the market.


      You can utilize Ethereum for your IDO, as it has some attractive features that will give IDO a subtle push in the market.


      You can avail yourself of multichain support if you launch your IDO on the Polkadot platform. Your IDO launch also gets easier with this platform.

      Binance Smart Chain

      If you launch your IDO crypto on the BSC platform, you can look forward to extensive support and a community of investors from the Binance market.


      The scalability and throughput power of the platform, will offer greater visibility for your IDO token in the market.

      Initial Liquidity Offering

      The initial liquidity offeringhas emerged as the most popular option for launching the tokens today. It is a new financial strategy that in which you can stake your capital, for profit from the pools. In a traditional setting, the developers need to wait for a considerable period of time, before the funds can be liquified. The ILO process is much simpler, with in which the liquidity contributors receive the new token against the liquidity to contribute them to th AMM. A ready market is always available, which helps you get the price that you demand.

      Therefore, you get the added of the AMM being backed by the liquidity pool. The liquidity contribution has also managed to strengthen the stable coin valuation. You can become the third-party funding agent to cover the launch projects’ legal expenses. ILO is smart way to get the token released into readily available crypto markets.

      How To launch You Initial DEX Offering?

      Business Strategy

      Devise a business strategy to innovate the best product from your end. It should be able to benefit the users through changes and improvements in your decentralized exchange server.

      Business Idea

      Explain your business idea to the investors. They will then get attracted to invest in your business.

      Launch the IDO

      Launch the IDO, for a faster fundraising chance.

      Build Your Token Value

      In the meanwhile, you can build your token value in the market.

      Issues the Governance Tokens

      Issues the governance tokens is the very next step, and they should have benefits to users and should be able to develop your platform.

      Start Your Services

      Start your services with the startup features, in the blockchain market and raise your token value.

      IDO Marketing Services

      Marketing is something, in the cryptocurrency environment that you cannot do without. It is easy to raise all the funds for your company with some careful marketing planning and strategization. If the company has a good track record, it is much easier to launch the services and get a ready market. However, for startups it can be a harrowing and a very time-consuming process.

      Webcom Systems plays a very significant role in development and marketing services for startups. We can help you develop trust in the minds of your prospective investors and venture capitalists.

      Our Approach

      Whitepaper Drafting

      White paper drafting services helps to initiate and launch the project in the market.

      Roadmap & Pathway

      Roadmap and pathway created to visualize the growth rate and also enhance stakeholder relations.

      IDO Marketing

      IDO marketing helps to design the best customized marketing solutions.

      Coin Development

      Coin Development is a service that you require at all points in time.

      Blockchain Integration

      Blockchain integration is our forte and we can offer standardized, automated and secure platforms across various industries with proper integration.


      We can provide proper support in all phases of product launch.

      Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

      What is IDO?

      Initial DEX offering is a fundraiser model, for decentralized exchange platform through which small startups raise funds from the market.

      What is the use of IDO?

      IDOs support startups, and also raises enterprises to build their businesses with the blockchain technology with faster fundraising opportunities.

      Who will benefit from IDO?

      The fundraiser model helps in raising immediate funds for startups and supports development of DeFi in a decentralized environment.

      Let’s Build Something Amazing Together

      We are a company that believes in oneness and creating something great every time. With our professionals, you can rely on acquiring the best for yourself and your business.

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