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At Webcom, we consider in building cutting edge technology to empower financial markets ahead. On the subject of trading in stock market, the essential factor aside from the strategy is the buying and selling software that you use. And we’re offering the most efficient and extensive trading software program which provides you control over the trade.


  • Multi-asset and venue-neutral
  • Margin Trading
  • Pre-trade risk functionality
  • Low-latency infrastructure
  • Various risk management models
  • News and market data delivery
  • Analytical tools
  • Asset and risk manager terminals


Our order matching engine software provides highly efficient platform for financial markets. We strive to produce innovative solutions and offer expert professional services that meet needs of our customers. Our software is built upon a set of quality software components such as order router, risk management server and front-end, matching engine, market data dissemination, trading front-end and Restful API. These components are architect to work in concert to provide a fast and robust, yet flexible, asset-agnostic, multi-user engine.


Check our our next-generation Order Matching Engine that allows to match trades internally like on a real Stock Exchange.

Real-Time Data

Our order matching engine comes with a built-in WebSocket data server to power both desktop and web applications with streaming data.


Order matching engine uses several algorithms to allocate trades among competing bids and offers at the same price.

Multi-threaded in-memory

Our Platform consumes less memory and resources to provide one of the fastest results matching and automated exchange volume.

Seamless Integrations

Order matching engine platform can be integrated with major of the technology components like Messages, Sockets and File streams.

Memory Operations

Its memory operation not only leaves a smaller footprint but also has 100% recovery mechanisms inbuilt in the unlikely event of a crash.

Functionally rich

It is functionally rich with Multi level structure, primary & secondary market, mulitple market models, order types & Information diffusion.

Pre trade risk management

Order matching engine is a Multi-asset Pre-trade Risk Management, to have a global view of client risk.

Order and Quote Management

The order and Quote Management brings all the trading tools and processes under one unique roof.

Set of Front-Ends

Front ends are setup to monitor markets and order flow, submit orders and administer/manage the entire platform.

API Integrations

Open APIs, to integrate with the platform, to contribute price / quotes and to code algorithms.

Smart Order Router

Our platform is designed to meet the demands of complex and fragmented global trading markets to seek out liquidity and best execution.

Transaction Cost Analysis

Transaction cost analysis provides transparency of your execution performance, empowering you to take the right decision.

Low latency

The matching engine provides high throughput sub-millisecond matching of simple and advanced order types.

High performance FIX Engine

The platform includes fully FIX compliant gateways for order entry clients and market data distribution.


Our software is highly flexible, modular-based and integrated platform designed for the next generation of multi asset trading.


Implement blockchain based exchange to store immutable data. We can help you choose which of your processes are suitable for this technology.


It can be customized to meet your needs and save time.

Extremely Secure

Our order matching engine is secured by Remote Password Protocol and resists both passive and active network attacks.


Evaluates pre-defined condition and provides data for compliance and reporting, when exposed to an external trigger.

Mobile View

Scalable Engine

Our order matching engine is scalable in nature which allows spawning multiple engines for parallel execution especially during high volatility in the markets.

Fully Configurable

Our software is highly flexible, modular-based and integrated platform designed for the next generation of multi asset trading and execution

24*7 Assistance

We analyze and suggest a complete order matching solution fitting to your requirements; it helps to start your trading within your defined budget.

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