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    ICO Marketing Guide

    Complete End-to-End ICO Marketing Guide

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      About ICOs

      ICO is nothing but Initial Coin Offering. Most start-ups are using it to raise money. The process involves offering cryptocurrencies and tokens to investors in exchange for funds. This is the crowdfunding model that budding businessmen are adopting to raise capital investments without taking the traditional route.

      ICO Marketing Guide

      Pre-sale and Private Sale of ICO

      After the company has completed the development of the said cryptocurrency or token, a series of events are designed to facilitate sales. These help to raise the initial amount before the public crowd sale.

      ICO Listing

      If you want to reach out to more ICO investors, it is important to list your ICO listing sites. These serve as a foundation for the investors for research purposes. They finalize the deal, after going through various testimonials, are ratings on the same.

      Aesthetically-designed Website

      You need to have an aesthetically-designed website to present yourself in the investors’ market. The site should contain all the necessary information to educate the markets about your offering.

      Community Building Strategies

      There are several blockchain and crypto forums in the market that you need to utilize to discuss the company’s crypto coins and also their features. The more you communicate, the more people know about you.

      Airdrop Campaign

      This is a campaign that offers freebies to the market to lure more and more investors. It involves the delivery of free tokens to prospective investors.

      ICO Whitepaper Creation

      It is a document for the investors that provides end-to-end information on capital, token, coins, and distribution of income.

      Social Media

      The ICO project’s visibility increases through promotions on various social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, are some of the tools used to disseminate information to the masses.

      Influencer Marketing

      You can also engage digital influencers who deal with financial topics. They have a fair hold over the financial markets and over investors, so they can propagate your agenda in exchange for pay.

      Press Releases

      This is an important tool for you, to let the media world know about your offering. Editorials have a huge effect on the psyche of the prospects, as they look realistic and worthy of investment.

      Content Marketing

      It includes a systematic approach towards marketing all kinds of information on cryptocurrencies and tokens. PR, Blog, and video content is extremely crucial to get your message across various platforms. They add more value and credibility to the project.

      Offline Marketing

      It is another avenue that you can avail yourself of, to organize and attend blockchain and cryptocurrency events across the globe. The team will provide you with full support on this.

      Branding Kit

      It includes a consistent messaging kit for online as well as offline events, creating a reputable brand. The team provides full support in all online and offline activities for the same.

      Launching An ICO Successfully – Post Sale ICO

      Development of Cryptocurrency

      You have to create a coin that is unique. The most common ones and oldest are the Ethereum or ERC-20 tokens, and they have been the base for all crypto inventions. The results are very evident today from the fact that there is an enormous market for cryptocurrencies today. At Webcom Systems, we develop cryptocurrencies in various types of blockchains like:

      • Ethereum
      • EOS
      • Hyperledger
      • Customized Blockchain

      Pre sale ICO And Private-sale of ICO

      The pre-sale is one of the activities that companies engage in before the actual crowd sale in the market. The ICO expenses that companies have to incur are:

      • Paid advertisements
      • Human Resource Recruitment
      • Events Organization
      • Development of Smart Contracts

      Private-sale of an ICO

      The private sale of an ICO is an event, in which attendees are invited for conversations about the ICOs. They mainly comprise company founders, and other team members who are in a decisive role in the organization. They pitch their offerings in front of the investors to convince them to fund the projects.

      Whitepaper Creation

      It is the first step towards a successful launch of the ICO. Moreover, it provides all the information that the investors require to make a final decision. The whitepaper included the following information:

      • Information about the project in complete details
      • Project commencement and ending date
      • Key milestones for the project
      • USP of the project in comparison to other competitors
      • The capital amount required to initiate the project
      • Token division and distribution system
      • Society benefits
      • Team details

      A great whitepaper can fetch the interest of the prospective investors and can help them to make a decision on the investment.

      Aesthetically-Designed Website

      Any company should have online presence today, and the first thing that prospective clients look for is a website. It is like a digital catalogue of the services that the company offers, apart from the identity. You have to ensure that the following is listed on the website:

      • The Project details
      • Detailed information about the Token
      • ICO details
      • Separate page for whitepaper
      • Social media links – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
      • Crypto community links that you are a part of like Bitcointalk and Cryptocurrencytalk
      • Terms and conditions
      • Road map
      • Team and management details with photos
      • Page containing all the legal details
      • A Contact Us page

      You have to ensure that the web content on the page is updated on a daily basis.

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      Social Media Profile Creation

      Social media helps companies to gain a foothold in the market, through direct client engagements. Moreover, being active on social media sends the message across the community that the company is into serious business. The transparency factors also play a huge role in the attraction of investors.

      ICO - How to Promote Them?

      Social Media profile Creation

      Crypto Forums have gained immense popularity today in the marketing of crypto currencies. This is the best place to discuss the features of the coins and tokens. The blockchain forums consist of various community members who are actively seeking new coins and tokens for investments. Your marketing plan can also be enlisted on the page to attract prospective investors to clear their doubts about your offerings.

      The majority of members on the forum have already invested in coins and tokens and are looking for more options.

      Airdrop Campaign

      It is a famous marketing strategy today, that offers companies and prospects freebies in the form of tokens and coins. Such people are often registered users of other blockchains. The idea behind such campaigns to raise awareness about your specific coins and tokens. The other plus point of such campaigns is to increase the token holder base. This aids in community participation as a whole and increases the team of investors other than founders.

      Project Listing on ICO Calendars

      Project calendars and listings are extremely crucial for ICOs. Most potential investors research a lot, before putting in their money into a project. Listings give credibility to the project. The various listing sites include:

      • ICO Drops
      • ICO Bench
      • Token data
      • ICO Alert, to name a few.

      It is also important to mention the names of the list a calendar to denote when the activities and sales are taking place. The prospective investors can attend the sale on the said dates listed on the calendar.

      You should include the following on the calendar:
      • Project name
      • Token details
      • ICO Website
      • Contact information

      Platforms For ICO Advertising

      Social Media

      Social Media is a huge platform that can promote your ICO projects. It helps to make the offerings more credible in the market. Moreover, you can also target the right audience through your social media promotions. If you have an engaging audience, they will help you facilitate sales all the more through sharing.

      Email marketing

      Email marketing is another tool, through which you can target management of company owners. It establishes a strong marketing avenue for the ICO company. The email should include detailed information about the project, the costs, capital, dates, and also the website link to guide the potential investors to their page.

      Right Influencer Marketing

      Right Influencer Marketing is another global marketing strategy that takes assistance from market influencers to talk about your crypto offering. You can get them to review your offering as well. Thus, it creates a more realistic impact on the market. And also helps your product stand out from the rest.

      The ICO Bounty Campaign

      The ICO Bounty Campaign is also gaining full marks in campaigning today. These are rewards given to certain organizations for their contribution towards ICO project promotion within blogs and communities. Moreover, many developers also report bugs on the crypto sites and are also rewarded for their exemplary performance. They may get free coins or tokens for such services.

      Press Releases

      Press Releases are another way you can gain outreach in the market. The sponsored advertorials and editorials carry a lot of weightages. The general perception is that, if the press has published something it carries weightage.

      Content Marketing

      Content Marketing is also another avenue that you cannot deny as it helps to sell the coins and tokens, through blogs and articles.

      The Need of online as well as offline is indeed crucial to gain a foothold in the market today, so you will get all the assistance for it. The marketing team has the right expertise to deal with the facets of ICO.

      Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

      What is blockchain technology and explain its utility?

      Blockchain is a distributed public ledger that crafts a digital path for consumers to have direct interaction with each other by eliminating intermediaries like governments, banks, or any other external parties. This technology is the call of the future for upcoming generations to revamp their businesses.

      How is Blockchain considered a revolutionizing technology?

      Blockchain strives to become the only technology for any business to experience safe and secure transactions. It can revamp businesses to create a responsible digital space for customers to experience smooth transactions. Blockchain technology helps investors to predict future trends to leave everyone behind.

      How much is the cost for blockchain development?

      Well, it is not hidden that many industries have started to adopt blockchain technology and its costs entirely depend on various activities and phases such as design, development, deployment, migration, integration, and maintenance.

      Understand the utility of Blockchain in industries.

      The emergence of blockchain has turned the heads of almost every individual, hasn’t it? It has the potential to benefit various industries such as banking, financial, healthcare, insurance, media & entertainment, telecommunications, government, as well as the automotive sector. Without any second thoughts, blockchain technology is the talk of the town and it shall endeavour to do that in future as well.

      Why hire Webcom Systems for Blockchain Development?

      We all know that there are so many companies that provide blockchain development services. However, Webcom Systems can work the best for you. Our proficient team carries years of experience in working on blockchain projects. Partner with us and leave everyone behind.

      Is blockchain applicable for every kind of industry?

      Yes, various industries have started to accept it, be it finance, medicine, as well as many sectors have stepped forward to integrate blockchain into their business essentials. Investors have adopted technology due to its state-of-art features like transparency, decentralization, immutability, and more.

      In which industries can Blockchain be utilized?

      Blockchain technology can benefit many industries to experience fast, secure, and credible transactions. It authorizes users to have secure transactions in a decentralized manner without any external party’s intervention. All the user’s transaction details are stored in the blockchain and there is no room for any hacks or frauds.

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