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    Excel in the field of e-signature market

    A simple and efficient way to get the documents signed digitally.

    Digital Signature Overview

    Unlike conventional signatures,digital signatures have a unique benefit of security, legitimacy, fast distribution and easy archive maintenance. These unique benefits make anelectronic signature best fit to distribute softwares, make financial transactions, for e-governance and other business operations like e-commerce etc. where security is of utmost importance.

    But, considering digital signature a mere simple digital tool is wide of the mark. It involves a mathematical scheme and asymmetric digital graphy having key generation algorithm, signing algorithm and signature verifying algorithm. Besides this, e-signatures are also governed by a set of rules and regulations framed under IT Act 2000 & 2008 (amended). Therefore,from users to implementers all need to comprehend it meticulously for correct and safe use.

    In this training program we provide complete overview of Digital Signatures along with comprehensive operational, various components and classification details. Apart from this, our training program also covers details about various types of certificates and how to get a digital signature certificate.

    What’s Included

    • Overview of Digital Signatures
    • Various Components
    • Types of Digital Signature Certificate
    • Successful implementation
    • Signing of PDF documents, MS word documents& Images
    • Download digitally sealed documents
    • Legal validity

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