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Our email marketing solution has evolved to become a Customer Engagement Platform and a necessary tool for any business or professional looking to grow sales, increase customers and brand loyalty.


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  • Responsive Email Designs
  • Manage Contacts
  • Automated Filtering
  • Live Accessible Data
  • Intelligence driven personalization
  • Email Authentication
  • Insights and Tracking


To serve our clients and customers in the best and most remarkable way. We develop ideas that are innovative and are in compliance to the latest industry standards and trends. Innovation is of prime concern and we believe in creating something new and exceptional rather than re-framing a work. To figure out all kinds of IT Solutions, we adhere to execute assiduous work strategy.


Webcom Developed most cost-effective platform for enterprise-level email marketing and automation.See what our Email Marketing Softwares can do for your business.

Real-time Reporting

Track your campaign performance real time with graphical reports available at your fingertips.

Email Design

User friendly, drag-and-drop HTML Email Editors, Custom HTML Tools & Ready-to-use Responsive HTML Email Templates to make your email campaigns successful.User friendly, drag & drop HTML Editors, Custom & Responsive HTML Tools make your email campaigns successful.


Create & Send Surveys with seamless integration to collect more insights from your subscribers.


Get maximum Open Rates at 7AM? Send Personalised Scheduled Email Campaigns to any number of lists.

Spam Check

Use our built-in Spam Score Tool to check your email for any spam violations before sending out an email campaign.


Our Email Marketing Software with your own Web/Mobile Application using API or SMTP methods.


our Ready to Use Responsive Email Templates and edit to create your own campaigns.


Maximise Email Marketing Automation with Event Based, Attribute Based or Date Based Email Campaign Triggers.

Drip Marketing

Unleash the power of Email Marketing Automation by creating a Drip Email Campaigns based on events, time or actions.

Reliable Email Delivery

Multi Thread Delivery options with Multiple Domains, Sending Methods and Delivery Compliance give you authenticated email campaign experience.

Automated Campaign Management

Send segmented, automated, scheduled or event based trigger campaigns to your contact lists.

Contact Management

Complete SUbscriber Management With Advanced Filtering based on dates, status, attributes, events and activities of subscribers.


Create and send beautiful emails to sell your product with Webcom Developed Email Marketing Software.

Access Anytime

Why wait to connect with your customers? Use Our developed email marketing software to send beautiful Emails from anywhere at any time.

Cost Effective

The real benefit of email marketing comes when you combine the low cost of delivery with tangible results.

Drive ROI Faster

Immediate notification as to when prospects open your email gives you a jump on response. Jumping faster on qualified leads equals higher conversion rates.

Mobile View


You will be able to reach people around the world in a simple and cost-effective manner. You will not be limited to a specific and small geographic area as you would be with other forms of advertisement.

Improve Communication

Automation makes your communication with prospects timely and relevant.

Targeted Messaging

You can develop content based on CRM data such as job title, demographics or previous purchases to serve your customers with relevant, targeted content.

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