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Our geofence technology allows marketers to customize audiences through custom targeting patterns with pinpoint accuracy. We built a Geo-Fencing technology to solve the common issues with solutions built on mobile ad networks. Through the value of unstructured data and a programmatic base, Our performance is unmatched.

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  • Most Accurate Location based Technology
  • Incomparable Scalability
  • Reach Customers Anywhere
  • Drive foot traffic to your venue
  • Monetize Engagement
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Mobile Optimized


Our goal is to to provide an easy to use, but a sophisticated solution that works for any geofencing plot and campaign. Targeting shoppers in marketing has traditionally been very difficult, but with geo fencing based application, we have the opportunity to change the way of advertisement through our innovative product offerings and dedication to research and development, we aim to be the dominant provider in the market worldwide. We Work with only one simple goal in mind: to help our customers create healthier connections with their mobile and web app users via our analytics and marketing platforms.


Webcom team builds smart and improved geo-fencing apps with better features.

Alerts & Notification

This feature will keep you notified in real time actions that influence business. It define parameters and the actions will trigger instantly.

User Targeting

Geo Target your push, in-app, or inbox campaigns to reach users who have been at a specific location in the past.

Instant Delivery

Messages are stored in user’s device, ensuring instant delivery even if they don’t have a cell signal.

Real Time Tracking

When customer interaction is a key, Geofencing helps you in bringing the customers to your doorstep using the location data.

Actionable Analytics

Know accurately how your buyers are engaging with campaigns and use those insights to build exclusive campaigns next time.

Geofence Labels

Our geofencing solution comes with labeling features that enable you to organize multiple geofences easily.

Deliver Rich Media

Trigger any mobile action content, covering push SMS and notifications, payment prompts, audio and videos.

Unlimited Locations & Users

Embrace millions of sites and users. Our location service quickly scales so there’s no boundary to what you can do.

Location aware smart communication

Store can send out notification to customer for parcel pick up as soon as they walk or drive past your stores.


Our Geofencing based applications helps to Unite the Digital and Physical Worlds.

Real-Time Coordination

Once the carrier inscribes the geofenced area, it can coordinate on the real time to update the stats about the onward trip automatically.

Kids Safety

Geo-fencing can be practiced for child location services, that can inform parents if the child moves a predefined zone nearby school or any other place.

Time Efficient

Creating and tracking your geofencing campaigns is quick and accessible to anyone, does not require any technical skills.

Mobile View

Gateway To Web Identity

Geofencing allows you link the physical location of your store with your Internet presence. Your shop converts a gateway to your social media and web identity.

Improve Sales

It help to locate potential clients near your store. By sending them offers notification which boost foot traffic.

Reduce Advertising Cost

By sending offers & deal notifications to near by traffic. Advertisers can reduce their advertising cost and increase conversions.

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