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    Welcome to the Future of Disability Care Management

    NDIS CRM is more than software, it’s a thriving community. Embrace a paperless approach, elevate efficiency and ensure compliance effortlessly. In a world where every connection counts, experience the unparalleled strength of seamless communication, remarkable efficiency and maintaining regulatory excellence, all within a groundbreaking, all-inclusive platform.

    NDIS CRM where Care Shapes Lives

    Efficiency Amplified

    Experience a Shift with less Paperwork, more Purpose. Drastically Reduce Administration Time While Ensuring Industry-Leading Security. Invest Your Precious Time Where It Matters Most – Delivering Exceptional Quality Care.

    Personalized Control, Effortlessly Given

    Take the reins of permission control like never before. With our advanced setup, tailor permissions effortlessly. Whether it’s viewing, creating, updating or deleting – empower every stakeholder effortlessly.

    Empowering Your Organization

    Maximize revenue, slash administrative costs and elevate service delivery. Our reporting and analytics align with NDIS principles, fostering a responsible and health-conscious business approach.

    Administrator’s Seamless Control

    We're more than tech, we're your partners in progress! Streamline operations seamlessly with our centralized platform. Connect effortlessly with Support Worker and Participant Apps for unparalleled management capabilities.

    Clarity for Decision Simplification

    Welcome to the NDIS CRM Dashboard – Your Command Centre for Informed Action.

    Data Insights, Decision Power

    Seamlessly transform your business metrics into actionable insights. Track changes in real-time and stay steps ahead with our comprehensive reporting tools.

    Export, Share, Empower

    Effortlessly export your data in multiple formats – Excel, CSV, PDF and more. Print and export vivid charts and graphs, turning your insights into persuasive presentations.

    Stay Alert, Stay Ahead

    Receive timely alerts via dashboard notifications, ensuring you never miss a beat in managing Assets, Maintenance Requests, Incidents, Documents, Tickets and more.

    Elevated Experiences for Empowered

    Welcome to the NDIS CRM Participant Hub where Empowerment Meets Progress

    Welcoming, Understanding, Managing

    Here, new participants find a warm embrace, a place where their needs are understood and their goals managed effortlessly. At the core of our service lies a commitment to placing participant goals & outcomes front and center.

    Partnering in Progress

    From strategizing to recording evidence, our platform facilitates regular performance assessments, fostering progress tracking and sharing with the right people, family and friends, ensuring a holistic approach to care.

    Every Detail, Every Connection

    We curate a comprehensive profile for every participant, capturing key plan details, Medicare & NDIS Numbers and maintaining a detailed history of every communication and service delivery. Your participants' journey is preserved at every step.

    Fortress of Privacy

    Your participants' safety is our priority. Our platform ensures that sensitive information remains secure. Tailored permission and security options guarantee that only authorized personnel access the data they need.

    Seamless Financial Management

    Our CRM offers comprehensive reporting on spending against participant-allocated budgets. Keeping participants informed about their funding status fosters compliance and transparency.

    Exceptional Support Through
    Team Strength

    Welcome to the NDIS CRM Staff Hub where Care Begins with Your Team

    Your Team’s Arsenal of Care

    Empower your frontline champions with the tools they need. Here, they access critical participant information from medical details to support needs and shift notes, tailored for personalized, quality care.

    Ready, Certified, Informed

    Keep your team sharp! Ensure their qualifications, certifications and immunizations are up-to-date. With precisely controlled access, provide them with what they need, securing sensitive information effortlessly.

    Lifecycle Empowerment

    From the very start to the last mile, we've got your team covered! Experience seamless scheduling, stay on top with document expiry alerts and witness a streamlined staff management journey.

    Digital Vault of Effortless Organization

    Welcome to the NDIS CRM Documents Hub where Streamlined Management Redefines Ease

    Reports Ahead of Time

    Easily generate reports predicting expiry dates for crucial documents like NDIS Plans and Service Agreements. Stay compliant effortlessly, stay ahead effortlessly.

    Safe and Central Storage

    Your documents, secured centrally! Our platform offers a secure storage haven for valuable NDIS assets – from letters to plans, schedules, photos and videos. Find peace knowing they're all safeguarded

    Simplified Uploads, Swift Access

    Simplify the process! Swiftly upload files by drag-and-drop into participant or staff folders. Preview without downloads, upload multiples at once and utilize smart filters for quick file searches.

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    Your Start-to-Finish Guardian of
    NDIS Compliance

    Welcome to the NDIS CRM Compliance Centre where Every Step Upholds Compliance Excellence.

    Privacy, Elevated Confidence

    Confidentiality at its finest! Effortlessly control data access, safeguarding sensitive information with restricted access. Tailor privileges based on each staff member's role, ensuring privacy and security every step of the way.

    Effortless Document Management

    Automated reminders keep your team in sync with regulatory demands and document validity. Never miss a deadline, customize alerts for renewing compliance documents and save hours of admin time effortlessly.

    Comprehensive Incident Records

    Document incidents in real-time with customizable headings, ensuring every crucial detail is captured promptly. Access comprehensive records easily, ensuring compliance is maintained at all times.

    Mobile App

    Your Pocket Companion, Redefining Care on the Go

    Welcome to the NDIS CRM Mobile App Oasis where Connectivity Reshapes Care Everywhere

    Unified Experience, Anytime, Anywhere

    Our iOS and Android-friendly NDIS CRM app seamlessly connects teams, coordinators, participants and families. Simplify everyday support management, tailored for personalized care experiences.

    Effortless Recording, Swift Payments

    Accurately record time, expense, and streamline payments, ensuring quicker reimbursements. Simplify record-keeping and progress note-taking, empowering teams to submit information promptly, making audits stress-free.

    Empowerment in Your Palm - Admin & Staff App

    A game-changer in care delivery! Our app empowers admin and staff with real-time updates, streamlined communication, efficient scheduling and secure participant information access.

    Insights, Action, Empowerment - Analytics

    From insights to action! Utilize powerful analytics for informed decisions. Business metrics at your fingertips empower you to manage and deliver care from any corner of the world.

    Join us in revolutionizing care management where every tap signifies empowerment, every connection fuels collaboration


    Where Connectivity Shapes Care, Seamlessly Navigating Appointments

    Welcome to the NDIS CRM Appointments Sphere where Every Connection Fuels Care.

    Peace of Mind, Automated Reminders

    Keep participants and contacts in the loop with appointment confirmations and reminders. Set up templates and send instant notifications for any changes or cancellations, ensuring everyone stays updated.

    Empowering Virtual Connectivity

    In today’s world, remote services are paramount. Facilitate frontline workers’ effectiveness and community health with seamless virtual meeting integrations.

    Elevate Your Care Management with Effortless Scheduling

    Unlock our comprehensive NDIS software for seamless employee roster management and more.

    • Financial Alignment Align shift costs with expected service expenses for better financial management.
    • Roster Templates for Ease Utilize pre-set templates to streamline your scheduling tasks.
    • Optimized Calendar Functionality Smart calendar features that identify time clashes, busy periods and optimize your schedule.
    • Multi-Location Visibility Filter and display various locations and practitioners as needed for better organization.
    • Participant Arrival Notifications Receive discreet notifications upon participant arrivals or any changes.

    Simplify Billing and Grow Effortlessly

    Unlock the power of our NDIS CRM for streamlined invoicing and more.

    • Automated Invoicing Efficiency Seamlessly convert billable entries into invoices and dispatch them directly to participants, saving you valuable time.
    • Effortless Bulk Uploads to NDIS Easily import and rectify rejections, ensuring smooth submission and quicker payment processing.
    • Integrated Finance & Payroll Platforms Integrate NDIS CRM with MYOB, Xero, Reckon, Quickbooks, KeyPay or other compatible software through accessible APIs.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    How does the NDIS CRM streamline client management?

    The NDIS CRM provides a centralized platform crafted to eliminate errors and enhance customer relationships, optimizing client management processes.

    Can I receive reminders for expiring documents? What formats can I upload?

    Yes, automated reminders for expiring documents are available. You can upload various formats including Word, Excel, PDF and more.

    How is data accessed securely, and where is it stored?

    Data is securely accessed through the SaaS model, hosted on AWS with robust encryption, and stored exclusively within country Data Centres.

    What can I expect regarding technological advancements and upgrades?

    Experience seamless upgrades, frequent feature enhancements, and effortless integration of new technologies for continuous platform improvement.

    Is the NDIS CRM suitable for start-ups? What support is available?

    NDIS CRM caters specifically to start up needs, providing comprehensive support for a smooth start and ongoing assistance for thriving businesses.

    Why are progress notes mandatory, and what file types are supported?

    Progress notes are mandatory for accurate payment claims and can accommodate various file types like PNG, JPG, PDF, Word, and email files.

    Why is keeping client documents up-to-date important?

    Maintaining up-to-date client documents ensures seamless care delivery aligned with individual needs, enhancing overall efficiency.

    How can staff access be managed, and is the platform mobile-friendly?

    Staff access privileges can be tailored, and our web application is optimized for mobile devices, supporting field support functionalities.

    What support options are available, and how can I seek assistance?

    Enjoy flexible support during business hours from our skilled Tier 1 and 2 support team, allowing unlimited ticket submissions for assistance.

    Is there a dedicated testing environment? How can I subscribe to the service?

    Access a dedicated test environment for training/testing upon request. Subscription details can be acquired through our Contact page.

    What purpose do progress notes serve?

    Progress notes serve as essential records during each visit, acting as proof of service delivery, a legal record, and a valuable communication tool.

    NDIS CRM is a blend of technology and compassion

    In the heart of every disability service provider’s challenge lies a need for effortless team collaboration and participant communication. As the industry expands, so do the hurdles. Enter NDIS CRM, your solution to these growing pains.

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