Latest 4 Trends of iOS Applications for 2017 & Beyond

Latest 4 Trends of iOS Applications for 2017 & Beyond

Are you an iOS developer? If not, you can be an iOS application user.

The role of mobile applications is widening as their utility is pervading multiple aspects of our everyday life. There were hints of some of their varied utility in 2016, which is being fortified in 2017.

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iOS Applications are turning out to be the demanding aspects of today’s market. Apple, especially, will be witnessing some dynamic changes as it adjusts itself to the changing market demands, embracing a more open-source outlook over its closely guarded proprietorship.

It is more than half past 2017, yet these trends on applications have something for you even now. Wish to know what is trending with these iOS applications?

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Latest 4 trends of iOS Applications

#1 iBeacon Technology is on-demand

iBeacon is a modern term that twirls around these days. Do you know, what so fascinating about iBeacon? Let me explain.

Do you have the experience of using Bluetooth?

If Yes. How does it work?

The device that you pair it over the Bluetooth connection gets you connected. Once you connect, you will be able to transfer information.

iBeacon is also one of a kind. The iBeacons are devices that report data at regular intervals. These devices connect to the nearby ports, the same way how a Bluetooth connects to the nearby ports.

When the Bluetooth connectivity is ON, the ports that are nearby will receive an alert about the new port.

Isn’t that something amazing on an iOS application?

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#2 Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that layers computer-generated enhancements atop an existing reality in order to make it more meaningful through the ability to interact with it.

It is making headway through iOS applications, largely using GPS technology to offer a whole range of services to its users. The use of augmented reality for games is changing the landscape of the gaming industry, integrating games into every activity of individuals.

In 2017, augmented reality and GPS will be indispensable for the mobile app developer. 3D games will also gain prominence and the only issue may arise in terms of security.

#3 Security

Although Apple is known for its advanced level of the security infrastructure. To execute different tasks related to concerning the issues finance, home, and various personal credentials are submitted within the device, but there are grown-up issues of hacking.
While digital vaults where users store authentication data, so Apple is expected to be a lot more careful as far as security is concerned.

#4 iOS for Enterprises

Apple’s iPad tablet is broadly adopted by enterprises and business applications are also used prominently. Yet, it has made real breakthroughs with the beacon technology which is being used in applications for commercial and marketing purposes.

The iPhone market share may witness a greater rise as iOS integrates it to devices such as the watch, Mac laptop, and ibeacon-enabled office appliances. The extensive use of cloud technology will make adoption of the secure infrastructure provided by iOS very lucrative.


Have you ever come across all these trending factors before?

Indeed, there are many latest inventions on applications yet to arrive and even disruptions either. Being an iOS App developer, you should never miss one. If you are looking out consistently for an upgrade, hope this post would give you a lot more than you expect.

Now take the chance of being the leading iOS developer in the market with the knowledge on the latest trends of iOS applications.

Have I missed any of the trends that iOS has started or practised this past 2017? Then let me know by your comments.