Best Web Development Trends to Watch out in 2019

Best Web Development Trends to Watch out in 2019

With 2016 has been ended, the inquiry in many designers’ thoughts is: what is representing web development in 2017 ? In the current years, the worldwide web has grown an essential part of life for many.

Individuals use it for almost everything comprising reading news, banking, and shopping just to name a few.

The market for web development is already increasing and going to increase too. This means that the scope of what web designers and developers can do is endless.

That said, here a few of the modern trends in web development that are picking pace in 2017. Let’s get started:

#1. One Page Websites:

Passed are the days when sites had various pages and tabs for readers to get confused over. One page sites have grown the favoured option for many companies as they look imposing on handheld devices like tablets and smartphones.

Many web development businesses use one-page design to develop sites for single services. The main challenge here is enhancing SEO as they only have one title tag and one meta description.

Workarounds for these are, however, anticipated to emerge in 2017.

#2. The Video, Animation, and Motion Rather of Static Images:

Over the last few years, the need for static images in site development has reduced notably though that of video, Motion UI and animation has progressed.

Many developers prefer it for creating animations and CSS transitions as it allows for richness and smoothness with pre-defined motion.

The advanced version Motion UI arises with flexible CSS patterns that run prominently on all JavaScript animation libraries, an animation queuing system, and more choices that permit for the robust transition.

It enables website developers to integrate prototypes of animated elements into sites seamlessly. Motion UI will, therefore, be an effective way to do away with static images now.

#3. Internet Of things(IoT):

Internet of Things has got web development, and according to Technavio, its anticipated growth between 2015 and 2019 is 31.72%. IoT enables the exchange of data in a way that was never achievable back by linking smart gadgets to the internet.

Web developers will grow up with solutions that are developed and which will allow users to control as well as communicate with their common tools and gizmos.

#4. Static Website Generator:

These build websites from the plain text that are saved in files rather than databases. Static site generators allow for advantages such as managing of traffic surges, ease of deployment, security as well as enhanced speed.

The main disadvantage is that they do not have room for user content or real-time content like comments, which have grown a must in today’s society.

With APIs and Content Delivery Networks enhancing more of a style of life of the web and making deployment of templates as well as content easy; several developers are sure that this area is one of the modern web development trends to watch in 2017.

#5. Material Design:

Material Design is a conceptual design philosophy by Google that describes how an app should work and look on wireless devices. It deconstructs everything varying from style and animation to layouts.

Moreover, the material design gives guidance on patterns, components, and usability. When it approaches the development of websites, it has become a leading visual philosophy that is coming handy for developers in this year especially when layered interfaces are included.

The likely usability of material design, as well as its design, has had an enormous impact on how people view and communicate with different interfaces.

#6. Degradation of MySQL:

Organizations have already begun looking for NoSQL alternatives such as HBase, Cassandra, and Mongo, etc. It will take them to the world of Hadoop and Apache Spark that they can explore it later.

#7. Docker:

It is exciting that the server environment is now portable. It looks simple to branch out for new changes, import changes, and return to earlier commits.

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