4 Benefits Beacon App Development Offers to Craft an Advertising Splash

4 Benefits Beacon App Development Offers to Craft an Advertising Splash

Location-based marketing with a beacon device is a marketing power to be reckoned with.

It’s on roll!

The businesses that have tried it admit this. In short, we can conclude that marketing with a beacon app is the latest trend that is slowly picking up.

Other marketing trends are also swiftly moving but the niche proximity marketing has crafted in a short-time is unparalleled. That’s why in this post we are going to cast the spotlight on proximity marketing, beacon development and its benefits.

Concise about Proximity marketing

Proximity Marketing is a new emerging technology which aims to stimulate most pertinent customers near the retail store. This enables it to potentially augment the sales and consequently the profits of a company.

Besides this, another byproduct of offshoot is that it provides a significant amount of data about consumer behaviour and location. This innovative feature keeps this technology far ahead than others in the marketing solutions arena.

Great stuff here is that you don’t need to go in much depth. It’s a technology-driven tactic this means it works on its own without much human interference. As it is based on an automatic approach therefore to create triumphant ripples users don’t need to bother much.

Isn’t a cool feature!

Now, let’s comprehend a few basic details of this small handy device.

What’s a beacon?

It is small handy Bluetooth radio transmitting gadget having CPU, radio and Lithium batteries. These lithium batteries power it to transmit radio signals on a regular basis i.e. 1/10 of a second. As it requires not as much of power, hence once installed batteries operates for several years.  However, transmission gadgets with USB port are also available in the market.

Now, this little handy device sends notifications to mobile users in close vicinity so as to market a brand. Transmission range varies from the transmitter to transmitter and can be altered from 50 meters to few 100 meters.

Coming to transmission technologies, then there are myriad of options that companies adapt to deliver contextual messages. Foremost technologies are Near Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, Audio Communication (AC) and Visible Light Communication (VLC). However, out of this transmission technology gamut, BLE and AC are most popular and hence are leading the pack.

The big picture here is that no internet connection is required to send notifications on mobile phones. Simply a live Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal is adequate for this transmission. To get notifications user only needs to download and install the required ‘beacon-application’ in his/her smartphone.  By downloading the app customer is also giving confirmation to receive the promotional messages.

Best is that nowadays these devices are coming in a colourful range having additional features like temperature sensors etc.

How does beacon app technology work?

The operations are pretty simple and go like this!

As a guiding light, this broadcasting tool installed at a strategic location sends notifications. As the smartphone having the beacon app comes in preset range it immediately detects the prospective user. Here the broadcasting tool acts as a transmitter and targeted customer’s smartphone actually acts as a receiver.

So, by forwarding cogent notifications this hardware casts an adequate spotlight on exceptional features of a brand or service. All in all, by canalizing promotional activity towards the most relevant customer it helps to generate maximum sales.

Real beauty is that this broadcasting hardware not only transmits a notification but collects significant customer data too. In short, proximity technology maintains two-way traffic. Or more precisely we can say that by maintaining two-way traffic companies easily gather crucial information about prospective users.

Such collected customer information can be utilized further chalk out marketing and branding strategies. Having multiple facets beacons not only acts as wonderful advertisers but also a reliable partner that collects customers data.

Key benefits of beacon technology

1. Trusted advertising partner

Gone are the days when using conventional methods a company easily attracts customers attention. Customers too have evolved and now to be a magnet for them a brand needs to give a personalized touch. And that’s exactly what this technology offers.

Not just this, without missing a single prospective customer it delivers location-based customized promotional notifications. So, by catering every single customer in the best possible way this technology advertises a brand round the clock.

2. As a guide

With each passing day, modern shopping malls are becoming bigger and bigger. Right! But this has created a problem for visitors. As sometimes it becomes quite complicated for them to locate the specific brand’s outlet or exit points.

Here this innovative tool becomes really handy. It acts as a guide thereby assisting visitors in navigating without any trouble from the shopping mall. It also provides quick directions to locate specific brands stores.

3. Efficiently compliments smartphones

Rather on televisions, radio or print media people nowadays are spending more time with their smartphones. Moreover, as compared to any other means smartphones are incisively penetrating as a medium of entertainment, communication etc.

Good news is that beacons are smartphone-friendly hence works efficiently as an extended feature. Giving real-time information to customers they are way ahead than their counterparts marketing tools.

4. Customization

Notifications forwarded to customers are based on their current location. Therefore, it assists to drive sales or promotional campaign depending on a specific customer’s interest. In short, giving a unique benefit of customization it has edge over other conventional strategies.

“Do what you do so well, that people can’t resist telling others about you” Walt Disney.

And as a loyal promoter beacon application does exactly this and that too round the clock.

Not finished yet, it has one more feather in its cap. Pertaining to its one-time investment it is pretty economical compared to other advertising or promotional methods. It is certainly meant for the intelligent business ventures that love to grow with technology.

Powering business ventures beacons are here to stay!

If still curious to learn more about the beacon app development or app beacon then quickly connect with our experts.