Geo Fencing Apps: Platform to Grow your Small Business

Geo Fencing Apps: Platform to Grow your Small Business

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!

It seems like marketing is the only strategy these days that companies believe can generate big revenues. Quite right too!

That’s why as a company you too spent hugely on marketing. Gave heavy discounts. Did aggressive advertising. Engaged customers on social media channels.

However, despite the big marketing efforts, you failed to generate big revenues. Your ROI is in negatives and net results seem discouraging. In short, as a company what you can do you did, but still it’s not getting you far.

But this does not mean that word marketing has lost its significance and is ineffective now. If you are not getting results from your marketing strategy, it typically means you are doing something wrong.

And if you wish to market your products or services successfully then you need to figure out the errors.

Good thing is that fortunately in most cases like yours this error is not that difficult to find. It’s simply happening because of the traditional marketing approach.

Now, from technologies to markets if everything in the business world is evolving then why did you consider marketing as an exception? Simple! It is also evolving to become even more sharp-edged.

And one more such evolved marketing strategy which intelligent enterprises are following is Geo-Fencing based Applications.

To make it easier for you here we are sharing detailed insights about Geo-Fencing based Applications. However, you can also connect with experts of Webcom Systems to gain an in-depth understanding of Geo Fencing based Applications. 

What is a Geo-Fencing Based Application?

Geo-Fencing is a technology in which specifically targeted push notifications are forwarded to relevant customers. Using the technology of GPS (Global Positioning System) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and Wi-Fi businesses actually set a virtual boundary in which they send notifications to engage prospective customers.

To put in other words, we can say that Geo-Fencing based Application is the evolved form of mobile marketing. It is actually a new and improved approach of marketing that facilitates to quickly reach the most pertinent customers.

Going further, it also greatly supports to retain old customers by sending product information based on previous purchase history.

Mind it!

Retaining an old customer is more easy and beneficial rather than going for a new one.

How Geo Fencing Applications enhance the effect of other advertising techniques?

Well, considering it as another or competitor advertising technique is entirely a wrong misconception. Before going in much depth about Geo-Fencing Applications lets first clear the mist of myths prevailing over this new technology.

First, it actually never outshines the role of traditional methods of advertising. In fact, to generate maximum revenues it works in a symbiotic relationship with old traditional methods. Let us comprehend this with the help of this example.

An orthodox advertising technique stimulates the desire to ‘need’ among prospective customers sitting in their homes. In other words, we can say that working in the first phase traditional advertising facilitates customer arousal or mental make-up.

When such awakened customer comes to the market searching that specific product or service, the second phase starts. By transmitting informative notifications Geofence apps complete this second phase. Playing a decisive role such notifications act as a guide to steer pertinent customer straightway to the selling point.

In one line, leaving non-relevant customers on the back burner this technology saves precious time and resources.

Benefits of Geo-Fencing Apps for small enterprises

  1. Provides real-time customer data for increased analytics

Collecting real-time customer data this technology facilitates even small retailers to analyze the customer’s demands and latest trends. The retailers can also trace the customer movement inside a virtually fenced market to comprehend their requirement.

  1. Provides personalized experience

As a prospective customer enters the geofenced location the app comes into play. Now, using analytics and data collected this app forward highly personalized notifications based on past history and interests. This helps small businesses to maximize their engagement.

  1. Helps to quantify ROI

By giving real-time information about a promotional drive it helps to immediately quantify and evaluate the benefits of a drive. Such information about a drive facilitates enterprises to determine response, effectiveness and ROI of marketing technology.

  1. As a specific selling point finder

Suppose a customer visits a market or shopping centre for the first time, finding way straightway to the desired section is difficult. Here Geofencing app becomes versatile thereby acting as a true companion it steers the customer to the desired location.

  1. As a product finder

Depending on a myriad of customer choices retailers offer hundreds of different product alternatives to customers. Well, in such cases it helps to precisely trace a desired specific brand product thereby saving precious time.

  1. Becomes a true shopping assistant for better engagement

Pertaining to lack of right information sometimes shoppers just walk off utterly missing better quality products or services. As when a customer stops at a location for more than desired preset time this technology transmits product information. Such on the spot precise information assists a customer to make a decisive buying decision.

  1. Casts spotlight on discounts and savings coupons

Many-a-times companies offer discount or saving coupons to woo customers. But unfortunately, despite all efforts, such schemes go unnoticed. Now, acting as a true marketing partner geofencing apps casts the timely spotlight on discounts and saving schemes.

Advantages Geo Fencing Apps has over other advertising technologies

  1. Cost-effective technology
  2. Works with least infrastructural or equipment
  3. Uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  4. Operates on low energy hence drains battery slowly
  5. One time installation automatically operates it for the next 2-3 years
  6. Works wells even beyond physical barriers like walls and roofs
  7. Transmits notifications only when the user has downloaded a specific application
  8. Enable user to on/off notifications at his/her choice thereby protecting inherent privacy

Concluding Thoughts

Creating a powerful, high-performance marketing drive is a process that requires time, testing and attention to detail. There are plenty of technologies that an enterprise can choose from to sell effectively.

But Geo-Fencing based Apps is a new innovative technology that certainly has edge over all traditional strategies. In one line, it is a multifaceted technology that hones up the effect of other marketing strategies too. This is certainly not the end. There is much more than you can do with this path-breaking marketing technology.

All in all, Geo Genting based Applications are proven the way to help a brand sell more and generate revenues. Because of plenty of benefits associated, incorporating this technology could be one of the best moves you make this year.

Why lag behind?

Connect us to get hands-on this futuristic technology and discover what more can be done with GeoFencing Applications. Experts at Webcom Systems will help you to put your marketing efforts on the right path!