8 Amazing Web Design Trends for 2017

8 Amazing Web Design Trends for 2017

Web design is basically the process of building sites with various aspects and its panorama if always growing. Therefore, every year the web design business also experiences through some innovations to stay motivating and relevant.

Further, it’s ubiquitous among all designers to accept the fact that growing with the time and trends is a robust part of their job because to retain frequently updated is necessary.

On the other hand, readers need three parameters from developers, and that is the site should be interactive, personal and relevant which moreover means that web designers are now encountering a challenge of generating a site which is as per the requirements of their readers.

You can also visit many sites that have the solid design, and it can motivate you to get the new visuals of the world because observing the output of others will help you to continue growing your designing skills, and you will also be modernized with freshest technologies.

Below stated is the list of top 10 and fabulous web design trends for 2017:

1) Bold Typography

More and more companies are shifting to big, bold typography to anchor their landing pages. This style works great when the rest of the page is put minimal and clean, like this standard from French firm Big Youth.

2) Cinemagraphs(GIFs and Animations)

Using animations and GIFs is another modern trend in web designing.  Nowadays, GIFs are omnipresent, and it’s excellent too. It gives you a richer product experience and simplifies workflow in a better way, but put in thought and don’t overuse them. Therefore, with multiple GIF creation tools, web designers are not confined to their design process. Full-screen loops, like this beautiful pattern from Danish firm CP+B Copenhagen, are convinced to hold users’ attention for longer than a swift glimpse.

3) All Caps Corner Links

This trend is also growing rapidly among web designers. Nearly every trained business and startup is practicing all caps text styles to create a web design which is more engaging and symmetrical. Moreover, this web design is also growing a trademark style for neat and crisp navigation.

4) Straightforward, Simple Text

Some sites are cutting out images and prominent navigation sections collectively, depending on a few choice lines of simple text to notify visitors about their business.

Danish agency B14 practices their landing page real estate to just express their mission announcement and present links to specimens of their work. It’s a new, uncluttered way of displaying information.

5) Asymmetry

This is another common web design trend, and many designers are creating asymmetric layouts with comprehensive and balanced execution. It is a simple, essential and clean web design trend and anybody can use it efficiently.

6) Open Composition

One of the most popular and popularly practised web design trends is open composition. Primarily, it is loosely suspended objects that are moving off the screen and will get a popularity basis that only. One instance is the site of Romain PSD and distribution of elements on this site explains that it will yet endure somewhere behind the limits of the system.

7) Material Design

Another excellent web design is a material design which has been developed by Google in the past some years and later it is being spread out over its various applications at a very high speed. It is primarily a novel and innovative approach to designing to build a hierarchy of meaning and importance of any page. Further, it also uses various geometric shapes to enhance their website visually and build depth in that.

8)  Vivid Layers of Color

Staggered, stacked layers of colour add depth and texture to a simple site layout, as seen in this stylish example from the São Paulo-based team behind Melissa Meio-Fio.

Therefore, these are some of the hot and top 7 fabulous web design trends for 2017. So, go forward and choose some which suit your needs the best.