Hiring Online Tech Support? 11 Questions To Ask!

Hiring Online Tech Support? 11 Questions To Ask!

When it comes to hiring a managed IT services it seems fairly easy. The true challenge lies in hiring the right online tech support service provider.

Hiring the right IT solutions provider is one of the toughest tasks for a business owner.

In good old days when website launch was a new concept, it was more than sufficient to just craft a website and get started with the online presence.

But with the evolution of the online world and digitization now even small start-ups with their websites are registering their online presence.

All this has definitely raised the level of bar thereby making the website crafting, launching and maintaining a hard nut to crack.

In short, website crafting is no more an overnight process. A business surely needs assistance from a tried and tested IT support services.

Well, another problem pops up here is how to set apart the right information technology service providers?

I well understand that few doubts might be coming in your mind about the online tech support service provider. Yes agreed every online tech support service provider is not first-rate and quick at its job.

Considering all these facts and to make it easy for you in this blog post we have enlisted 10 questions that you need to ask before hiring an online tech support service. Just read on to get started with your website launch and maintenance.

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  1. How many years of experience you have as an IT service and solutions provider?

It is always better to bank on an experienced online tech support company. Seasoned service providers not only have thorough knowledge about technical know-how but also have backup staff in case an emergency occurs with a team member working on your project. Moreover, the expert team having hands-on experience handles abstruse technical issues quite easily.

  1. Do you have in-house ability to deal with the project like ours?

An in-house development team obviously gives an advantage as this apparently portrays that the company has the expertise to well comprehend and offer tailor-made services. Moreover, tech service provider having domain expertise the same as your business can well understand your goals and challenges. Contrary to this because of communication gap companies offering services with the help of third parties or outsourced agencies often fails to deliver the desired results. Therefore, never shy to ask in-house ability of a service provider.

  1. Are you proficient to design and handle mobile-friendly websites?

Now a day’s maximum of the users are using the smartphone to browse websites and this trend is further picking the pace. Taking this into account a website must be mobile-friendly so that it can quickly and easily change its dimension considering the viewer’s mode. In short, it is always judicious to inquire about the competency of a service provider to craft mobile-friendly website.

  1. Give details about your process to handle technical problems?

This is a must ask as considering past projects it becomes pretty easy to evaluate the performance of a service provider. A service provider following too lengthy or too complex procedures to handle the client problems clearly shows inability. Hence, hiring such service providers might backfire in a longer run. Therefore, ask questions about previous technical troubleshooting experience to find out which service provider is focused on simple procedures.

  1. Tell us about some abstruse problem you fixed during your past experiences?

Do not hesitate to ask such straight questions. As knowing about their past experience gives a fair idea about the capability of an IT company to tackle an abstruse technical problem.

  1. Is your service available during the odd hours or not?

Many-a-times problems occur during odd hours like on holidays or after office hours. Sometimes fixing the same at that very moment is of utmost importance to strike a deal. Hence, asking details about odd hours service is a wise decision. However, going to the online services providers giving 24X7X365 days service is always good a move.

  1. Cast spotlight on security measures adopted to make my data safe?

Every organization has its own trade secrets to get the business. Surely, when a company hires a tech support service it has to share many of such trade secrets if not all with the provider. Therefore, don’t even think for a moment before asking questions about security measures adopted by a service provider to make clients important data safe and secure.

  1. What is your plan in case of any disaster or accident?

It is rightly said that an accident never arrives with the bell on its neck. Despite all safety measures accident often occur leading to loss of client’s important data, resources and time. However, still, it is judicious to check what measures a company is adopting to avoid and control accidents. And in case if any accident happens then what measures a company has adopted to recover the lost data. Therefore, thoroughly inquire about the plans for disaster recovery.

  1. How well your support staffs work with others?

Ultimately in case of any trouble or even to get the project done, it is the support staff with which a client has to deal with. Therefore, getting insights about support staff’s communication style, availability and patience level is good for better understanding to develop a team.

  1. Tell us something about your IT infrastructure?

Asking such a question will give insights into the true potential of the remote tech support service provider.

  1. What’s your charge for the online tech help service?

Last but not least, knowing the charges (monthly, quarterly or annually whatever it is) for the technical support services is must. It is better to unfold all such issues in the very beginning. In fact, it is good to discuss financial matters related to complementary services and odd hours services or solutions to avoid any contentious issue later on.

IT service management companies are smart, so you need to act smartly too. That’s why you have to do some digging for better evaluation of a service provider. And why not! After all, in the end of the day, it is the service provider who is going to work for an inch-perfect online presence of your brand.

But this is certainly not the end. Always be sure to take into account other aspects also.

Still confused about the hiring of tech support or service providers? Let us know in the comment section.